A few days ago my husband shared with me the link "Why French Parents Are Superior?"

He was very proud and almost sang "la Marseillaise".

Before I have already read another article about superiority of French moms (it is in Russian but I will translate the title as "French are the best moms in the world" )

I have lived in France and really like the way French moms raise their kids. Of cause you may say that all moms are different but I mean that there are some standards of family education and some values French moms are trying to ingrain into their kids minds which really create this penomenon of French Best Moms:

1) French healthy eating: children are taught from a very young age how to eat well, enjoy the food and cook traditional healthy food recipes.

2) French good manners: children are taught how to behave in public places, how to hide and control negative emotions, how to be nice, helpful and in a good mood. You may say that all children from all over the world are taught good behavior but in France it really works out.

3) French job value: French moms and dads are working all the time (parental leaves are really short and it is not so frequent to be a stay-at-home mom) and children are raised with this idea of "working well for living well".

4) French moms ability to keep enough vital space for themselves: they are good and responsible moms but also wives, lovers, professionals, women.

Here are the things mostly about moms but French dads are also good: knowing how to take care of a baby, child or toddler and really enjoing it.

I could probably add a few more points to this positive French parental portrait but I would better add some criticism.

Here is the story.

Every day I go for a walk with my 1 year old daughter. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area the weather is just so good especially in the morning, you have a lot of kids (around my daughter's age) on the playground. Both my sweet heart and me, we are enjoing the sun and being with other kids and moms. I have been to different parks in the morning and met a lot of moms and kids: American, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, German....but never French.

Today as usual we went for our morning walk and - What a miracle! - I've heard one mom speaking French. The mom had a son around 2 years old. She was on the phone. She put her boy into a sling and kept on talking on the phone. After that she put her son into another sling, then on a slide. She always kept on talking on the phone. 40 minutes later she finished the phone conversation, put her son in a stroller and left the playground.

Result: - she enjoyed the phone conversation;

- her son spent his time into the sling and on the slide but enjoyed neither being with his mom nor playing with other kids.

You would say that it is just one mom out of millions of French moms. Yes. But I have already noticed that French moms do not really like playgrounds especially in the morning. They are always busy. I wrote more about that in my Facebook notes or here (the text is in Russian):

But that's not the end of my story. The same day in the afternoon we went for a walk with my daughter again (usually we go for a walk twice a day) and in the park where we go every day we saw - what a miracle again! - a group of French moms and kids celebrating one kid's birthday. I got aquainted with some of the moms and found out that they meet Friday's afternoons between French but never mornings. Mornings are not for kids but for themselves (shopping, fitness, household activities).

French are surely good moms but do not like playgrounds at sunny mornings. What a pity!