I have already written a note about playgrounds in France (again a bit of criticism of French facilities). You can read it here or, if you are my friend, - in my facebook notes (the text is in Russian).

Here I will describe American playgrounds.

When I first knew that our next destination would be Sunnyvale in the San Francisco Bay Area I read about this town and was upset at the fact that "In Sunnyvale there is 1 library and 16 parks". Now I understand that there's nothing to be upset with. When you have a small child - to have 16 parks around is just great.

Actually a park in the Bay Area is the best place to go with kids as everything's done for them.

Every park has its clear structure and provides:

1) sports fields (baseball/softball, tennis, sand volleyball courts, skating rink etc)

2) picnic areas (you can book an area for your picnic with friends or a family via a community center)

3) park building (for group presentations, meetings, performances and games). My daughter and me play games and listen to stories on Wednesdays with other Russian-speaking children in such a park building in Sunnyvale Raynor Park.

Here is a religious meeting:

Here is Chinese traditional bow dance classes:

4) children play areas (sometimes you have spots for small kids and the ones for bigger explorers)

Safe Swing for Babies IMG_0108.jpg

5) restrooms (very important for you and your kids and just forgotten detail in Russian or French small parks and play areas)

Some parks are themes-ones: space or dinosaur theme parks, for instance.

Besides playgrounds in the parks there are kids' areas in apartments communities:

We have a playground in our residence but we are going to the big park which is right around the corner )))