My story of getting a driver licence is long and complicated. It started in France (and never ended). I enrolled in a French driving school, paid some money, attended some theory classes and then a few months later had to leave for Russia to work there. My money was gone and the hope to get a European driver licence quickly also disappeared.

I finally got my driver licence in Moscow and started driving there. Driving in Moscow is a very good school (actually like in Paris but not for the same reason).

Here in California you need to take a written and driving test again to get local California driver licence as other countries' driver licence are just not accepted. Actually I got my written test two days ago. And I should say it was just too easy.

Here is 1 question from California Driver Handbook:

When you drive through a construction zone, you should:

A. Slow down to watch the workers

B. Decrease your following distance

C. Pass the construction zone carefully and not "rubberneck"

Have you answered it?

Good answer is C.

If you choose C (even if you do not know what means "rubberneck") you are ready for California written test.

I barely remember my written test in Russia: computer classroom, pictures describing different traffic situations... It was easy.

In California test you actually had to repeat what you read in a driver handbook, not to handle with concrete traffic situations.

French written test is the most complicated : it is the multiple choice one. Besides in Russia and California you have a limited number of questions while in France you have a lot of them. That's why you should have enough time to get you test ready. The preparation can take a few months and you still run the risk of failure.

Below are some rules to follow in order to get QUICKLY you driver licence in Russia, France and California:

France NO WAY
California Read carefully California Driver Handbook, get enough practice and ALWAYS OBEY (posted speed limits and all rules you read about in California Driver Handbook)

To get a California driver licence I still have to pass my driving test. To be continued after 4th of March )))))