This year is politically significant for all three countries this blog is about: Russia, France and USA.

Russia is already done with its presidential election. No surprise. Unfortunately I did not vote this year (even if my participation would not have changed a lot).

French elections are just around the corner. I guess there will be the same guy again even if he is so unpopular with French now. But I do not believe in another scenario.

In the USA I hope that the same guy will win just because his name is Barack, he is black and thus good for this multinational and open country (or may be it is just how I feel it here in California).

There are 2 things here in the US which surprise me:

1) choice of political messages/discussions: while there are so many economical and social problems in the US, the subjects seem to interest candidates the most are birth control and gay marriage. Well, in the meantime the thing which catches French interest the most now is halal meat.

2) US is the country of fundraising. Actually candidates are not going to different states to see people and speak to them but to get money for the campaign. More you have money, more you have chances to win. Just some newspapers' titles: Obama raises funds in Bay Area, Campaign brigns out superdonors, President scheduled for two fundraisers in San-Francisco.

You may see some information about co-called financial backers ot Barack Obama and, for instance, Mitt Romney (one of Republican candidates). Such personalities as Charles Schwab (Founder of Charles Schwab), Pal Marciano (CEO of Guess) or Marc Rothman (CFO of Motorola) gave money to Romney for his campaign.

No wonder that the US is the country of lobbyists.

You would say that money is a key to a lot of doors in politics everywhere. But in this country money just equals political success.