As I promised in one of my previous posts, I will keep you informed about how to get a driver's licence in California. At the biggining of the week I passed my behind-the-wheel test and today I got my California driver's licence. It is weird but they send you such an important document as a driver licence by mail (!?).

Well, how did the test itself go? Basically you need to know where the horn, turn signals, emergency lights, headlights, parking brake and defroster are and how to use them. Then you need to drive about 20 minutes in the town streets making some right and left turns. You do not need to drive on the freeway or to know how to parallel park. No wonder that Americans do not know what parallel parking is (it is definitely helpful for you if you drive and park in San Francisco or any big American city).

To conclude, the drive test was easy. Or may be I can finally drive safely and consequently it seemed easy to me.