Everybody knows that the US is a Big country for Big people ( I meant fat people but to say so would not be politically correct).

But the US is also a country of running skinny people! Everybody runs here. If you do not you are fat and obese. Running people need adequate sport clothes. Right? You run, you run, you run, then you work, you go shopping or see friends but oups....you forgot to take off your sports clothes. That's why here you see people wearing sports clothes everywhere. They just forgot to take them off.

Looking back to my life in Russia I am smiling thinking that I never ever went out with a guy wearing sports clothes. It would be a shame for me. I remember all these beautiful well-dressed Russian girls with their hair done and make-up and their boy-friends wearing sports clothes. It was funny and especially sad, very sad.

I wanted to run from Russia of sports clothing and- how ironic - I ended up in the US of sports clothing.