Last weekend we went to Lake Tahoe: from sunny Sunnyvale to Lake Tahoe's snowy shore. 5 hours of driving and we jump from already-spring to almost-winter. Distances and climate changes is something that pull together the US and Russia. Though here in the US the climate changes are more rapid and thus spectacular: Sunnyvale-Tahoe is not Moscow-Novosibirsk in terms of distance but the weather difference is pretty notable (from + 15 C° to -3 C°)

What is also notable about Tahoe is that it is the largest and the second deepest lake in the US.

Tahoe made me think of Russian Lake Baikal (even if Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world while Tahoe is only on 17th place of the list). Unfortunately I had never seen Baikal but even without having seen it I am proud of the fact that there is Baikal in my native Russia. Just like Americans are proud of having the Lake Tahoe in their country.

We (Russians) often make fun of American patriotism. But look, we are actually proud of the same things. The difference if often about how differently we care about the things we are proud of....

When we were in Tahoe over the last weekend, we lived in a big apartment. Our large unit 2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom, 2,5 floors/ fireplace / fully equipped kitchen with all cooking utensils & facilities - everything for 2 adults and 1 child - made me think about our tiny/ your bed is in the wall/ please put me on a waiting list for toilets - apartment in French Alps.

If I would determine a size-comfort ratio for Americans, French and Russian I would have this:

Americans - sizable comfort

French - tiny comfort

Russians - uncomfortable size

North shore Tahoe houses and condos outside and inside:

We are proud of and we care about:

It is mine, do not touch: