I always thought that there are some taboo subjects universal to all modern societies. Like death. Of cause there are some ancient societies where death was celebrated: Ancient Egypt, some tribal cultures. But it is all in the past and now people usually do not like speaking about death. We fear it and we do not want it. Hey, are you still alive? - is just a joke. But even this joke can be perceived as rude and tasteless.

Imagine my surprise when I received this letter?

Why? Why?

Ok, ok, it makes sense, I understand. Though when you are already dead, nothing in the world makes sense anymore.

I could even win a pre-paid cremation! Wow!

Oh, I am happy for David Casey! Congrats! How are you doing Mr Casey? Are you still alive? Oups.

And, oh suprise again, in May I received one more:

No, guys, it does not make any sense for me. Please check my age in your database or just do your marketing differently. May be a small event on the cemetery with champaigne and orchestra would be a good idea or a small talk with elementary school kids "Cremation just makes sense"?

Memento mori, guys,.... and do not forget about money!