Where do you keep all your pictures, diplomas, your kids' paitings, postcards from your trips, your memories? At home, on your computers, in photo albums and boxes on your shelves. You might also have some memories in your phones, so you can show some funny pictures of your kids and hear "Oh, he's a big boy now" or "Your girl's growing into quite the little lady" or something like this.

Sometimes you can display family pictures at your office desk: "Look at my little ones!"

Americans love transforming their cars into moving business cards. Sometimes stickers and license plates can say a lot: family status, political views, hobbies, places you visited..... People even put thier kid's names on thier license plates, in case they forget them back home...

Hey, I am a proud mom.


Hey, I love soccer. If you love football, change the lane.


Hey, I love Obama. And I love hiking in Hawaii too. If you are Republican, change the lane.