Some of you might collect Starbucks coffee travel mugs, but I have my own collection of Starbucks cups.

So far this is my favorite. IMG_1670.jpg

I also have this one: IMG_1462.jpg

Do you think we are ready to live in a multicultural environment? May be not yet if we even can't pronounce our neighbors' names (including me). Having in mind a success of Anastasia cartoon, my proposal is to change all the primitive Dora, Mickey and Mini Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh names to real Chen, Cheng, Chun, Jing, Aishwarya, Akanksha, Bhaskara and Chandrakant. Yop, probably we will not have enough cartoon characters. But need to start with something in order our kids can easily live in a new world full of new unusual names and unknown cultures.