I do not like this holiday. And actually, I've become a Halloween anti-fan here, in the US. In Russia or in France it is somehow a marginal holiday. You can love it or not, you can celebrate it or not. There are some Halloween sales here and there, some nice Halloween parties for aduts and kids, kids knocking on the door for "Trick or treat"...

And it is fun when it is unique.

Here in California you can see pumpkins everywhere, costumes everywhere, obligatory Halloween parties in every single school, Halloween theme in every single shop and house. Everybody decores a house for Halloween and even transform their homes into haunted scary houses.

"How do I make my house look scary for Halloween so the kids are already scared". Are you crazy guys or what? How parents can even think of scaring their own kids? For me Halloween now is tons of thrown away pumpkins for pampkin carvings and all these scary bloody ghosts and monsters everywhere.

Halloween is a celebration of death although by definition a holiday for me is a celebration of life. Ironically I did not feel it this way in Europe. Why?

May be just because less is better and too much is too much.

Boo and pampkin cakes. They are ok for eating. But in some shops you can see bloody monster's hands or hearts as cakes.... you would never eat, at least me.


Pampkin theme is everywhere