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Monday 10 September 2012

Kids and Dogs

I cannot imagine this photo taken in the US or France. Unless you see parents behind. But in Russia everything is possible. A small girl walking a big dog on a leash. And it is looks like she barely controls the dog (it really looked this way when I saw them walkng).

May be I am just wrong and cannot really judge without having all the information (age of the girl, character of the dog, if the girl is used to go on walks with the dog...). But the scene kind of scared me. And I keep on asking myself if it was about "teaching responsibility" or "being irresponsible" as far as this girl's parents are concerned.

Friday 15 June 2012

Awsome and terrific!

I get confused with the American education system and ask myself a lot of questions about my daughter's future in the American school. For the moment she is too small to attend a school but time flies.
I found that I was not the only person asking myself a lot of questions. I know some moms here who are seriously considering a home education as an option because they are not satisfired with the school choice they have. One of the moms said to me: "Americans went too far in a child's personality development to the detriment of knowledge". Well said.
I found these stampes in a school classroom and think they illustrate well what I am awkwardly trying to describe above as "You are a winner" American phenomenon. No criticisme, go, go, go, you are awsome!

For those who cannot see the wording well: Saying in a positif way you have






Then you have a stamp PARENT SIGNATURE

And finally to say "it was not good" they used


Nothing negative as you can see.