I love big cities. I love them to the point that I was even not afraid to go to New York City during current summer heat wave (oh god, I love living in the bay area where you can't beat the weather!). Although, in the cold of winter or in the heat of summer, I love big cities, busy looking people in suits hurry in and out of tall buildings, street noises, hustle and bustle. But in order to stay sane in these crazy urban swirls, you need a place to hide, a place "above and beyond" . The High Line in New York is definitely one of them.

High Line Park - another view of New York:






In Paris you do not feel like you get smashed by skyscrapers. But you still need to get away from crazy everydayness of a big city.

Coulée verte in Paris:

photo credit: http://www.paris-en-photos.fr/coulee-verte/


photo credit: http://yourguidetoparis.weebly.com/green-corridors.html