There are a few things which are really disturbing for me here, in the US. One of them is the fact that everybody can buy a gun in every sports magazine along with a basket ball, a snowboard, a fitness outfit or whatever it is.
Every single month you read about school shootings, domestic or gang violence involving guns or tragic accidents like the recent one when 5- year-old Kentucky boy fatally shot his 2-year- old sister.

Fortunately, all the schools shooting do not end like Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy which claimed the life of 20 small kids and 6 adults. But still you see these pictures of terrifyings kids and crying parents and again and again a debate about a ban of assault weapons and a plan for curbing gun violence is back.

To understand this profound attachment of Americans to guns you have to understand that individual right to bear guns is a constitutional right and is a part of the 2-nd amendment dated December 1791.

But sometimes I just want to say "Come on guys, take it easy, you are safe and do not need guns anymore: Indians will not attack you". May be in a country where gun violence is one of the highest in the world, you might finally admit that 1791 and 2013 are two different epochs and there is something that needs to be changed.