Today we went for a family walk and I noticed a lot of GARAGE SALE signs like this: IMG_0856.JPG IMG_0857.JPG

These are typical garage sale advertisment signs you can find in public places (especially bigs roads and crossroads). Garage sale can be called yard sale, moving sale (the ones I've heard a lot) but also rummage sale, tag sale, lawn sale, attic sale and even garbage sale, or junk sale (not very attractive names I think but it exists).

Items of garage sales can include clothes, toys, books, household goods etc.

Garage sales are very popular in America especially in spring and summer when the weather is good and sunny (here in California it is garage sales time).

Garage sales are widely advertised in the internet. There is a special rubric Garage and moving Sales in one of the most popular web resource: and other resources.

IMG_0855.JPG IMG_0345.JPG